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ZC-ROOF GFM is designed to protect surface of the building terrace & roof from water & weathering effect.

It is developed for complex/critical applications where conventional waterproofing/ weatherproofing products cannot be used or applied. In these areas waterproofing products like polymer admixtures, repellent, adhesives, general purpose coating and sealants do not perform effectively for long time. In such applications the product should withstand heat, UV effects, expansion & contraction, gravity settlements, shrinkage and ageing effects. The product should be long lasting & should remain elastomeric and active permanently.


Substrates material : Cementitious substrates, asbestos cement, insulation materials, metal substrates, wood & plywood, bricks & stones, slates & tiles, plastics, bituminous coatings, paints, mastics, asphalt & felt.

Substrate/structure types : Concrete/plastered roofs & walls, corrugated sheets, terrace gardens, parapets & chhajjas, drain sections, expansion joints, ventilation outlets, J hooks & screw overlaps, lighting fixture mountings, roofing junctions

Type of construction : Residential buildings, commercial buildings, Manufacturing units, malls, warehouses, nuclear power structures, theatres.

Components of the System :

1. ZC-Sealcoat :Acrylic based elastomeric high performance coating emulsion. It is single component and ready to use formulation with quick drying properties. It is water repellent with toughness to arrest leakage and seepage of water. It protects the surface of UV radiation. It has got excellent adhesion to substrate and elongation of 200%. It has very good impact strength and withstands extreme temperature.

2. ZC-ROOF GFM :ZC-ROOF GFM (Glass fibre matt ) is supplied by Owens Corning India Ltd. and it is made of glass fibre chopped strands. It is incorporated in this system because if the treated surface has foot traffic then plastic coating alone may not withstand the ware and tare. On the surface where no foot traffic incurs the ZC-ROOF GFM need not be applied. However it is strongly recommended to use ZC-ROOF GFM for long lasting effectiveness and toughness.

3. ZC-Elastofalt : ZC-Elastofalt is a thixotropic cold applied polymer modified bituminous coating. It has very high adhesion strength. It protects the surface from water & weathering effects. The elongation is 900% and forms very good film on the substrate. It can be applied on any surface except ceramic tiles & metal.

4. ZC-Elastoprime:ZC- Elastoprime is a primer or bond coat for surfaces like tiles or china mosaic chips. ZC-Elastofalt or ZC-Sealcoat do not easily adhere to the substrate like tiles or china mosaic chips. On such substrate it is essential to give bond coat of ZC-Elastoprime, which is actually ZC-Elastofalt diluted with water in the ratio 1:1.


  • Single component, multiplayer, solvent free
  • Can be applied to different type of substrate
  • No strong odour or toxic fume
  • Fast curing & drying
  • High tensile & elongation strength
  • Permanently elastomeric and ageing proof
  • Application by brush/roller/spray
  • Absorbs rainfall sound


  • Ready to use, simple application
  • Long lasting reliability
  • Does not crack or brittle
  • UV/Heat resistance
  • Crack bridging capability
  • Traffic resistance
  • Resistance to algae growth
  • Reduces sound transmission

Surface Preparation

Surface should be clean & dry. All the surface lying water, mould growths, moss or other vegetation, loose debris etc. should be removed prior to application. Ensure that surface is free from visible dampness, dust. Dirt and other form of contamination should be removed prior to application.