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Utensil cleaner

It is specially formulated to clean all tupe of utensils. It easily removes grease ,stubborn nad dry foods from pots,pan and dishes.It is highly active & mostly effective and it cleans utensils to shine

Apply :-

Regular use : Dilute 5-10ml in 100ml of water.


It heavy duty degrecerfor kitchen Is is easily remove grease, stubborn and dry food from platform of kitchen.

Apply :-

Normal grease : Dilute 25-50ml in 1Ltr of water.

Heavy grease : Dilute 30-50ml in 1Ltr of water.

Prepare and rinse of with hot water.

Floor degreaser

It is alkaline heavy duty degreaser for all type of greasy floor. It is easily remove, stubborn stain and grease, etc.

Apply :-

Regular use : Dilute 5-10ml in 1Ltr of water.

Heavy grease : Dilute 20-50ml in 1Ltr of water.

All clean

It is non-perfumed,heavy duty utensil cleaner.It can be used to clean all type utesir, water jar milk can and any other hard surface. It is ideal to use in the food and beverage industy.

Apply :-

Regular use : Dilute 40-50ml in 1Ltr of water.

or use as per your requirment.

Regular use : Dilute 20-25ml in 1Ltr of water.