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ZC - WAX EMULSION N++ Nonionic Polyethylene Emulsion


White 1\tililky Emulsion.


Pale yellow aqueous dispersion


Polyethylene emulsion prepared using nonionic emulsifier of the polyethenoxy ethertype.

Ionic nature



ZC - WAX EMULSION N++ forms stable emulsions in water at all dilutions which are stable over a wide pH range and in the presence of acids, polyvalent metal salts, amine hydro-chloride, dye fixatives and resing curing agents.

ZC - WAX EMULSION N++ has excellent softening and lubricating properties.

ZC - WAX EMULSION N++ is compatible with anionic and cationic finishing agents and other textile finishing resins such as polyvinyl acetate. polyacrylate and polyvinyl alcohol.

ZC - WAX EMULSION N++ is stable to long storage and does not develop any odour. rancidity or discolouration.


ZC - WAX EMULSION N++ is used either alone or in combination with resin finishes.

With Resin Finishes

ZC - WAX EMULSION N++ when used alongvvith crease proofing resins considerably improves tear strength, abrasion resistance, and crease recovery and gives better, softer hand and more supple drpe.

As Plain Finish

ZC - WAX EMULSION N++ is a excellent softener for all types of natural and synthetic fabrics and gives excellent hand and drape.

ZC - WAX EMULSION N++ , because of its excellent lubricating properties reduces the friction between threads and thus helps to improve the wear and reduce needle cuffing.

ZC - WAX EMULSION N++ is an excellent yam lubricant and finishing agent for knit goods.

Advantages of using ZC - WAX EMULSION N++

ZC - WAX EMULSION N++ , being nonionic in nature is stable over a wide range of pH and is compatible with other finishes and auxiliaries.

ZC - WAX EMULSION N++ , because of its very fine particle size, easily penetrates into the fabric and thus its pick up is uniform and thorough.

ZC - WAX EMULSION N++ , has good resistance to washing.

ZC - WAX EMULSION N++ , helps to resist dirt pick-up.

ZC - WAX EMULSION N++ , does not cause any discolouration or change in the tone or fastness properties of dyeings, nor develop rancidity.

Suggestions for use:-

    With Resin Finishes

    2 to 8 percent of the crease proofing resin bath.

    As a Plalt , Finishes

    1.5 to 4 percent on the weight basis of the fabric depending on softness and lubricity required.

ZC - WAX EMULSION N++ may be applied onto the fabric by conventional procedures by padding equipment as well as by jigger or winch. Drying, curing (when used alongwith resin finishes) and after washing may also be on the conventional equipment using conventional conditions. Fabrics treated with only ZC - WAX EMULSION N++ need not be cured.