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Craoet shampoo

It is gentle and boidegradeble blend of nuetral pH. High forming and long lasting foam agent for use in carpet rotary and dry form shampoo cleaning machines. It leaves carpet clean and pleasently fragrent.

Apply :-

Dilute:- 20-30ml im 1Ltr of water.

Spot remover

It is use too deep cleaning, spot and stain remove with renise method. It is mild alkaline gentle to carpet and upholstery.

Apply :-

Ready to use.

Stain remover

Formulated for all type of delicate and colourful fabrics. It provides effective and safe stain removal and safe for all washable and colourful fast fabrics .

Apply :-

Use stain remover directly on stain, wait for 2-3 minutes and rinse with warm water.Then just add laundry detergent and start regular laundry process.

Alfazole [low forming liquid ]

Specially formulated to protect colours. It works on stain without damaging colours, ideal for PVC carpet, washable printed wall, fireglass, vehicle seat, etc.

Apply :-

Regular use:- Dilute 20-25ml in 1Ltr water