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Floor cleaner concentrate

It is unique formation which removethe thougtest stain. it can be use for all type of floor like marbel, granite,tiles,etc. it is used for both wet mopping and scrubbing with machine.

Apply :-

Light soiling : Dilute 10-15ml in 1Ltr of water

Heavy soiling : Dilute 20-25ml in 1Ltr of water

Golden floor cleaner concentrate

It is herbal floor cleaner. It is pine oil base floor cleaner. It has large shape of pine oil present in it. It gives a fresh clean smell to your location.It can be use on all type of floring and it does not effect origional shine or texture of the flooring. Pine oil is a natural deodrant , antibiterial and mildly antiseptic.

Apply :-

Regular use : Dilute 10-15ml in 1Ltr of water

Floor Degreaser

It is alkaline heavy duty degreaser for all type of greasy floor.It is easily remove ,stubborn stain and grace , etc.

Apply :-

Regular use : Dilute 5-10ml in 1Ltr of water

Heavy grease use : Dilute 20-50ml in 1Ltr of water