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ZC-CHEMCRYL - 61 is an 100% Acrylic Emulsion possessing excellent durability, adhesion, gloss and water resistance, designed for the formulation of premium quality exterior masonry paints and textured finishes. Paints based on ZC-CHEMCRYL - 61 shows outstanding flow, levelling and film buildup. These properties improvement combined with excellent colour acceptance and a high degree of resistance to dirt pickup, make it possible to formulate a wide range of premium paints. It is a surfactant stabilized system.

Key Features and benefits to formulators:

  • Excellent exterior durability.
  • Fast hardness development
  • Excellent resistance to dirt pick-up
  • Exceptionally wide utility in the construction industry. ZC-CHEMCRYL - 61 is useable in texture coatings, marble finishes, clear glaze masonry coatings and as a co-binder in elastomeric wall coatings.
  • Excellent gloss for clear glaze coatings.